The Summoning… by Kelley Armstrong

The Summoning
(Darkest Powers, Book 1)
by Kelley Armstrong

Published By: HarperCollinsPublishers
ISBN-13: 978-0061662690

Worth the Read
Reviewed by Christina Wantz Fixemer
on 07/24/2008

Things are looking up for Chloe Saunders. She’s in to the arts-focused high school she’s dreamed of attending. She’s making friends. And nothing weird has happened in a long time.

Until now. On what started out as a normal day, Chloe’s world is shattered. Terrifying ghosts come out of nowhere, and no one believes her. Chloe’s bizarre behavior lands her in a home for troubled teens. Surrounded by other misfits, she soon learns there’s more to everyone’s “troubles” than they realize. Learning the truth behind Lyle House could cost Chloe more than she imagines.

This novel is the first in a new series by bestselling author Kelley Armstrong, in which she brings her fascination with the paranormal to the Young Adult audience. THE SUMMONING blends popular elements of the genre with an interesting spin of its own.

Armstrong presents a well-defined subculture in an otherwise ordinary world. While the plot is a little thin at times, there’s a solid foundation for future installments. Most of the characters have enough depth to keep them interesting, although Chloe seemed like a watered-down version of what her character could be.

This novel offers promise for an enjoyable series. It had a few bumps, but it was fun enough for me to read in less than a day. THE SUMMONING isn’t the strongest book available in the genre, but it is fun and worth a read.

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