About WUAT

Wantz Upon A Time started in December 2005. I’ve had some ups and downs since then, and I made the original site more complicated than necessary. Today, it’s here at WordPress, where life is much easier!

Here are the basics (to be expanded later):


The best thing to do is contact me if seeking a review. We’re open to most genres. Unsolicited items may be read, but there are no promises or priorities given to anyone who sends them. If you need a review posthaste, e-mail me! In addition, I have reviewers in different parts of the country. I may not be the one to review it. If you want to make sure it goes to the right person, e-mail me for a mailing (or e-mail for e-books) address.

The official WUAT mailing address:

Wantz Upon A Time Reviews
c/o Christina Wantz
PO BOX 205
GILBERTS, IL 60136-0205

My e-mail address (remove the spaces and change “at” to “@” and “dot” to “.”):

cwantz at ymail dot com
(I’ll set up a live mailto link when I figure out how to scramble it in WordPress. I have a handy bit of JavaScript for MY webpages, but I don’t know how to do it here… yet.)

More to come. Thanks!


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